Recommendations that call for specialized training for senior administrators, those protest action groups who will manage incidents, police officials who will train with senior executives and for police officers who will train in crowd control and possibly weapons training and refreshers.

Recommendations in this category include: 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and 34.

Note: Recommendation 10 may have police hands-on training
Also includes recommendations that don't necessarily fit in other categories: 18

  1. Increased training of campus police officers in the areas of crowd management, mediation, and de-escalation of volatile crowd situations.

  2. Create specialized response teams with additional training n crowd management, mediation, and de-escalation techniques at the systemwide level.
  3. Establish a regular program for joint trainings, briefings, and scenario planning with law enforcement agencies on which each campus police department is likely to call for assistance or mutual aid.
  4. Implement formal training of administrators, at the system and campus levels, in the areas of crowd management, mediation, de-escalation techniques, the Incident Command System, and police force options, to be refreshed annually.
  5. Conduct simulations jointly with campus administrators and campus police to rehearse responses to civil disobedience scenarios.
  6. Develop or modify existing student discipline processes to ensure that, in appropriate circumstances, they are an available response option.

  1. Review UC Police compensation practices to ensure that compensation is sufficiently competitive to attract and retain highly qualified officers and police leaders.